Laura & Kyle // A Perfect Summer's Night

They were both a little jittery when I arrived. Tending to some finishing touches, taking once last look in the mirror, sending each other reassuring glances. It's not every day you're having your love documented, how on earth are you supposed to appear 'natural'?

Well, let me tell you, from the first click of my camera these two let the rest of the world melt away. They became fully and completely wrapped up in each others embrace - laughing the most heart felt laughs, sharing tales of travel and adventure ... and polishing off a bottle of Chardonnay of course! (that always helps with the nerves).

One of my favourite things about engagement sessions, is the ease at which people seem to soften into one another. I'm offered a very real glimpse into their relationship while I watch them speak their own love language.

It's inspiring, studying human interaction. I feel so honoured to cross paths with people like Laura and Kyle.