Cassandra + Justin / Toronto Love

One of the best parts of being a wedding photographer, is witnessing so many different forms of love. Human connection blows my mind. 

There's the emotional lovers, the practical lovers, the friendly lovers, the serious lovers, the gentle lovers or in this case, the playful lovers. How these individuals always find their way into the arms of the person they're meant to really is proof that the universe is working it's magic to guide us on the right path. 

Cassandra and Justin are equal parts hilarious and tender together. Their story is one of unpredictability, determination, patience and friendship. True to their adventurous spirits, they planned to seal the deal on a vintage street car.

It really was the best, and made me fall even more in love with this city, this job, and the people i'm fortunate to cross paths with.


Laura Rowe2 Comments