Kristina + Ian // Timeless Evergreen Brickworks Celebration

"There is purpose and value in each day of your life, in each season of your life. Nurture your times of action, of creating, of doing, and value your quieter times of going within. The more you study nature, the more you will learn about yourself. Nurture and trust the seasons of your soul."

After our engagement session, Kristina and Ian mailed me a book. The quote above is from one of my favourite pages.

That pretty much sums them up.

They're the kind of people who send books to new friends, the kind of people who take time out their own life to bring joy to others. They are intentional, genuine, selfless and beautiful. The kind of people who allow you to show up as your true self, and find a way to make you feel like you're exactly where you're meant to be.

This wedding was a true testament to their characters.

The morning was slow and humble. Filled with genuine tears, laughter, deep breaths and reflection. No one was racing around anxiously or trying to speed up time. Everyone was perfectly present and connected to the experience.

I was able to take a true documentary approach and simply watch it all unfold - a photographers dream really. It all felt so simple and organic. 

The ceremony was as extraordinary as I imagined it would be. A gathering of classy, kind, like minded individuals from all over the world. Coming together in collective appreciation for what they were witnessing and who they were celebrating.

Truly, just a gathering of remarkable humans.

The reception. I feel kind of cheesy trying to articulate how powerful it felt. The speeches were perhaps the best i've heard, every guest was so engaged. The room was dark, lit only by candle light. The unexpected cool evening brought everyone a little closer and made everything that much more intimate.

One for the books to say the least.

Celebrations like these leave me feeling truly grateful for finding a career that exposes me to so many new people. I learn a lot being a wedding photographer, not just about photography but also about what kind of person I want to show up as in this life. 

Thank you Kristina and Ian, for inviting me into your lives and leaving mine just that much fuller. 

Feel free to turn this song up while you take a peek at these memories!