A simple maternity story

I've always physically felt time moving forward. The feeling has manifested in many different ways, more than often in fear.

Fear of goodbyes, adventures coming to an end, people leaving, change looming. 

Surely, nothing measures time as evidently as watching our children grow.

From womb to earth, from baby to adult. As mothers, the growth takes place right before our eyes, right inside our hearts.

After bringing our daughter into our lives, so much of that fear has turned into appreciation, gratitude. 

I linger in moments longer, place my energy where it feels best, and allow myself to melt into the present rather than mourning it's impeding end. 

Truth is, we won't always be needed in this way. Our bodies, minds, spirits will slowly separate from these tiny extensions of ourselves. They'll become, we'll un-become and become again.

Time to me now is a delicate, rhythmic, precious thing. It no longer carries fear, but I cherish it the same.

If i've learned anything so far during this season, it's that while we raise them, we must raise ourselves too.


Here's a glimpse of a recent maternity session. Heather has already welcomed her beautiful daughter and i'll share some more of their story soon. 

These sorts of sessions solidify where my passion lies - i'm so grateful to help people preserve time. 

Laura RoweComment