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Hannah + Peter // Graceful City Love

Hannah and Peter have a really graceful sort of love, and it really was a privilege to tell their story. Thanks so much for having me guys, I absolutley loved this day. 


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Laura & Kyle // A Perfect Summer's Night

They were both a little jittery when I arrived. Tending to some finishing touches, taking once last look in the mirror, sending each other reassuring glances. It's not every day you're having your love documented, how on earth are you supposed to appear 'natural'?

Well, let me tell you, from the first click of my camera these two let the rest of the world melt away. They became fully and completely wrapped up in each others embrace - laughing the most heart felt laughs, sharing tales of travel and adventure ... and polishing off a bottle of Chardonnay of course! (that always helps with the nerves).

One of my favourite things about engagement sessions, is the ease at which people seem to soften into one another. I'm offered a very real glimpse into their relationship while I watch them speak their own love language.

It's inspiring, studying human interaction. I feel so honoured to cross paths with people like Laura and Kyle.


Mark & Stef // Every day love

The relationship I have with photography is ever changing. 

The more stories I tell, the more real I want to be.

I crave glimpses into your relationship and interchanges that tell me more about who you are to each other.

I've grown far less interested in the perfect shot. I love messy hair and unruly wind. Twisted sheets and lived in bedrooms. I love your movement, your laughter, and your intimacy between shots when I'm loading my camera. 

Thanks Mark and Stef, for letting me witness your true selves and trusting me to document it.

Ashley & Chris // Cliffside Engagement

For their engagement session, Ashley and Chris invited me to join them at this special valley near their home. Surrounded by cliffs, we enjoyed the sunset while running to to car every 15 minutes to warm up. With frozen fingers and rosy cheeks, they cuddled close and dreamed of their honeymoon in Hawaii.

Ps - At the very end of their shoot while walking back to the car, a rainbow appeared behind them out of nowhere.

Sometimes the best things happen at the best moments. 

Thanks universe.

Martha & Liam // Down To Earth Muskoka Wedding

Even the smell of this day pulled at my heart strings.

Lake water, fresh air, pine, earth. 

All of the elements came together to celebrate a love as grounded as the trees, and it really did feel other worldly in a way. 

Martha and Liam were married on their family private island in Muskoka Ontario. As the boatloads of guests arrived, I couldn't help but think how powerful it was that they were going to be married in the middle of these woods. The earth witnessing something so scared and offering it's beauty in such a modest way.

Needless to say, it was one of my favourite days. 

I love sharing this wedding with the world, and am honoured to have it published Junebug Weddings. Feel free to check out their feature here


Jenn & Tyler // Their true love

I fell in love with the truth in these two. 

It's the no fluff, deep down in there, rock solid kind of love. 

It's the 'this is me, and that's you and together we can do anything together' sort of thing.

We watched the sunrise in their neighbourhood together. It was quiet and felt a bit like time was standing still. Pretty perfect if you ask me. 

Sophie & Alastair // Georgian Bay Wedding

Sophie and Alastair are two incredibly genuine and beautiful people. Their friends and family came together to celebrate their story, and it really was the perfect day.

We were tucked away at their family cottage in the morning, and then finished off dancing under sparklers over top of the Georgian Bay. 

The love these two share is a humble kind, and at the root of it all is friendship. 

Friendship. It might just be the most important ingredient.