Motherhood Collections


Memory – I vividly remember sitting on my grandmother’s kitchen floor with my mama, sifting through a shoe box of faded photographs of their youth. With each image, they would tell me a story. I would learn a little more about them, about their great loves and adventures, about this lifetime that somehow lead to mine. Their memories became my memories over time. I grew to appreciate who my mother was before me, what her spirit was made of and how so much of it was already within me.

Imagery became an incredibly powerful thing in my life, a gateway into my past. So much of our own memories stem from the images we see in our photo albums and the stories we're told. I know as my own children grow, their memories will inevitably fade. Their everyday experiences, will become the tales I tell them. I want to help them to remember as much as possible from our time together. I want to fill their past with gratitude, warmth and roots. I want them to know this version of themselves. I want them to know this version of me. 

My passion for motherhood photography, was of course born out of becoming a mother myself. There is something so candid, raw and undone about motherhood. A vulnerable strength and graceful surrendering.

I document motherhood in an effort to invite women to savour this transitional period in their lives, no matter where they find themselves. The fog, the love, the fear, the unbecoming … the becoming.

Join me in honouring this time in your life.


Motherhood Mini Sessions - $300+hst

Next Series: TBD

These sessions take place in a beautiful, naturally lit studio in downtown Toronto.  Each session runs 25 minutes in length and will result in a minimum of 35 edited images. 

The underlining theme is 'organic motherhood', and we’ll focus on capturing authentic, timeless portraits of you and your loves. It’s a quiet and intimate time for you to connect, root down and exist in your mama element. A safe place to feel your feelings and honour this place in time.

These images will remind you how you felt and who you were in this stage of your life.

Contact me HERE to book or get on the waitlist.


Motherhood Portrait Package - $1000+hst

The Motherhood Portrait Package offers both a Maternity and Newborn session in your chosen location. These are intended to be a realistic representation of your daily life, where I simply witness your energy, and help capture it’s essence.

Each session runs for 90 minutes and results in 50 edited images provided to you in an online gallery. 

We'll work together to plan a time in your journey where you're feeling comfortable and connected. My intention is to document you in a natural and candid way. We'll spend less time posing, and more time feeling. We'll honour your body and quiet your mind. You'll probably laugh a lot, cry a little and hopefully walk away with a few more stories to tell.

Your partners and family members are more than welcome to join in for some images as well.


Single Session

Maternity / Motherhood / Lifestyle / Newborn - $550+hst

These are single sessions for families in any stage of their journey. 

This session runs for 1.5 - 2 hours long results in 75+ edited images provided in an online gallery. I offer these sessions in-home, in-studio or on location at an agreed upon place.

Some days are busy and chaotic, unpredictable and hard. Others are softer and quiet, in rhythm and balance. All of them move past us. During this time together, we'll capture the real life you’re living right now. The funny, messy, intimate and true. I hope these images are the ones you try to crawl back into down the road. The ones that remind you what their shampoo smelt like, how their hair curled around their ears and what their tiny voice sounded like.